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The Sakhnini Brothers are four brothers from the city of Nazareth, Adeeb, Elia, Yazeed and Temotheus. Though each of them has his favorite instrument, they play about 20 instruments collectively and love to blend both modern western and ancient Middle Eastern music styles.

When the entire Sakhnini family became believers in Jesus, their vision became to reach out with the gospel of Jesus Christ through their music. The brothers learned many traditional Arabic worship songs. Soon, their hearts began to fill with new melodies and lyrics of worship in Arabic and their recordings include both their new songs and traditional Arab melodies.

The Sakhninis have performed in different festivals and live shows in Nazareth, Bethlehem, Jerusalem and all over the United States and Europe. They have collaborated with many local and international artists on different projects. And their music can be heard on various Christian radio stations in the Middle East.

In 2019, they released their debut album Sahiroun and will soon be releasing their second album.

Their sound is managed by the master Randall Adams who enriches the brothers’ compositions and production.

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To watch and listen to Sakhnini Brothers’ music, visit them on YouTube, Spotify, Apple Music, and anywhere music is streamed or sold.

“Less trouble will occur if this band plays a concert every week in Nazareth.”
“Brilliant musicians, Middle Eastern flavor, and great worship in Arabic!”
“Always a blessing to listen to your music! Hopefully, I can listen live one day.”

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Adeeb discovered his love for the piano at the tender age of five. As the years passed, his interest in the piano and music only deepened. As a child, Adeeb studied Classical music with different professional piano teachers. Later on, he continued his musical education at the university. Adeeb participated in several local and international musical projects, both as a pianist and as a musical arranger. In addition to playing the piano in various styles, such as Jazz, Middle Eastern, and Classical music, Adeeb is also interested in playing other instruments like the Accordion and the Oud.

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Elia Sakhnini Brothers_edited.jpg

Elia followed suit and embarked on his musical journey at the age of five, starting with the Piano. However, his true calling revealed itself in the enchanting sounds of the Oud. At ten, he began taking Oud lessons, which sparked a lifelong fascination with music. However, Elia did not stop there; he eagerly explored various other instruments, becoming proficient in Guitar, Bass, Baglama, Saz, Percussion, and more. Apart from being a multi-instrumentalist, Elia also plays a vital role in the technical aspects of the band, from video editing to website design. His exceptional talent in Piano tuning has astonished audiences, allowing him to create mesmerizing quarter tones during the performances.

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Yazeed Sakhnini Brothers_edited.jpg

Yazeed also commenced his musical voyage with Piano lessons. However, his adventurous spirit led him to explore different avenues, and he eventually settled on the Violin as his primary instrument. Though he experimented with the Baritone and Trombone, Yazeed's heart drew him back to the Violin, where he truly thrived. Like his brothers, he did not confine himself to just one instrument, teaching himself to play the Cello, Guitar, Oud, Saz, Percussion, and more. His passion for singing and his diverse musical background make him an invaluable asset to the band. Currently, Yazeed is pursuing higher education in music, enriching his knowledge and sharing his insights with the rest of the band to enhance the collective musical journey.

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