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Tour Fund

The Vision

The Sakhnini Brothers, a band from Nazareth, are on a mission to bring people closer to the Lord through the universal language of music. We believe that the power of music can bridge cultural divides and touch the hearts of individuals across diverse communities.

Why a Tour Funding Campaign

We have embarked on planning a music tour across Europe, envisioning evenings filled with soul-stirring music and spiritual connection. Our desire is to reach as many people as possible, especially in churches where budgets may be limited. By launching this campaign, we aim to supplement the budgets of the churches and ensure that more people can experience the worship and message of The Sakhnini Brothers.

How You Can Support?

We are seeking sponsors who share our vision and are willing to support The Sakhnini Brothers' Europe Tour financially. Your support will help cover travel expenses, accommodation, and other logistical needs, ensuring the success of this tour and maximizing the impact of their music.

The Impact

The Sakhnini Brothers are passionate about fostering unity, transcending religious and cultural boundaries. Their music has the potential to touch the hearts of Christians, Muslims, refugees, and people from all walks of life. The band not only performs original compositions but also incorporates international and well-known songs, creating a universal appeal.

Join Us on Funding The Tour

If you resonate with our vision and wish to support The Sakhnini Brothers, we invite you to contribute to this campaign. Your contribution, no matter the size, will make a significant difference in bringing this musical journey to life and reaching hearts across Europe.

Thank you for considering our request. We are excited about the prospect of partnering with you to make this tour a reality and spread a message of faith, culture, and unity through the powerful medium of music.

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